Industrial plants

From project development to equity participation for petrochemical, automotive or other industrial plants, we ensure high quality, high completeness of scope and high plant performance. We offer general contracting of a broad portfolio of plants (downstream). Our core competence lies in project development and EPC contracting. For our projects we handle a dual business model approach, i.e. we develop projects and follow selective tender business. Our technology independency makes it possible for us to choose our technological partners case by case. Additionally, equity participation for promising projects can be considered.


industrial plants we can realize:

  • cylinderhead production line (automotive)
  • cylinderblock production line (automotive)
  • flare gas recovery systems (oil and gas)
  • Other industrial plants


Due to our experience as a general contractor or partner in international consortia we have extensive expertise how to manage and integrate all the main processes where value is created from conception of a project to its operation. We can also take over the partial ownership of such industrial plants together with our partners for a given time period. Therefore, we take advantage of a dual business model approach where we act as a project developer and EPC contractor.


As an experienced Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, we provide our customers with optimal solutions, ensuring profitable long-term operation of their industrial plants. Thanks to our worldwide offices, we are represented and known in the significant and growing markets in the petrochemical sector. What makes us special is our technology independency, which makes it possible for us to choose our technology partners case by case to the benefits of the various projects needs.


Since 1984, we have successfully implemented numerous projects. We apply an all-inclusive project development approach and acted as initial shareholder in various project companies we created. We act as an anchor investor that creates investment opportunities even for most risk averse investors, such as pension-funds. With our experience, we can provide numerous competitive advantages. We can provide numerous other advantages for any of our projects, which are a high completeness of scope, high plant performance and a successful project history.



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