Customer benefits

  • We offer our customers individually tailored and integrated solutions as a general contractor
  • We provide our customers with genuine advantages
  • Precision is one of our characteristics that typifies us – precision in every technical detail – therefore precise work is a guarantee of reliability
  • The satisfaction of our partners and customers takes absolute priority to us
  • Skills and the know-how of our employees are essential for our success
  • Long standing and professional experience - unique network - innovative solutions - cost-effective working are our characteristics
  • Precise working procedures - planned interaction - care in carrying out work - deadline reliability are aims we are always heading for.
  • Supply chain management is important to us in order to satisfy customer requirements as efficiently as possible.
  • We look for adequate solutions for non-common problems

INTRA´s primary goal is to have satisfied customers. Based on 22 years of experience INTRA offers its customers optimal solutions and products of high quality.

INTRA is aware of the companies full responsibility for the working results it obtains. This sense of responsibility means that partners can expect best reliability.

INTRA is interested in a long-lasting relationship with employees, customers and suppliers. Synergy effects arising from such excellent relationships are the basis for the success or our company.



INTRA Industrieanlagen GmbH

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D-44801 Bochum

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